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05-01-2001, 07:19 AM

I'm usign some calls to WINAPI in my OpenGL programs for windows (C ANSI), like:

#include <GL/gl.h>
#include <GL/glut.h>
#include <windows.h>
#include <mmsystem.h>
#include <winuser.h>
#include <shellapi.h>
Status = MessageBox(NULL, "Question...", "Box Title", MB_YESNO);
ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "help/index.html", "", "", SW_MAXIMIZED);

And now I'm porting this porgrams to Linux.

How can I do this in XWindows to run in KDE and Gnome?? Is there a site obout the XLIB API?? (like msdn for WINAPI)


05-01-2001, 08:36 AM
All the info you'll ever need about Xlib is in the man pages.

And if that isn't enough:

http://www.xmission.com/~georgeps/Xlib_Beginner.html http://tronche.com/gui/x/ http://www.lmd.jussieu.fr/faqs/x-faq/part1/

But if I were you, I'd look at using GTK or the KDE libs or SDL instead of using the Xlibs directly.

http://www.gtk.org/ http://www.libsdl.org/ http://www.kde.org/