View Full Version : Multitexturing high dynamic Range

03-05-2002, 05:44 PM
Hello all,

I'm currently trying to implement a paper from Paul Debevec (check out http://graphics3.isi.edu/~jcohen/egwr-01-cohen.pdf
for more details)

I can read my HDR images into one textureregister (GL_TEXTURE0_ARB for example). And the combining itself with the texturecombiners does not seem to be a problem. I do have some problems 'clamping' the floats from my High Dynamic Range Image in 16 bits first and then in 8 bits 'low' and 8 bits 'high' however.
So i was wondering if there is an easy way to let openGL do this.
(via the internal representation ?)

All advice welcome !

I'm trying this on a Geforce2 btw.