View Full Version : gDEBugger V2.2 Adds Shaders “Edit and Continue” ability

Graphic Remedy
11-30-2005, 10:25 AM
The new V2.2 introduces a Shaders “Edit and Continue” ability which allows you to Edit, Save and Compile Shaders source code, Link and Validate Programs “on the fly”.
This feature saves developer time required for rebuilding and running again the developed application.


This version also adds support for 8 additional OpenGL extensions.

Trial version can be downloaded from here (http://www.gremedy.com/download.php) .

The gDEBugger team

11-30-2005, 11:45 AM
No interest in actually telling us what those 8 added extensions are?

Graphic Remedy
11-30-2005, 01:31 PM
Originally posted by tamlin:
No interest in actually telling us what those 8 added extensions are?Hi tamlin

A detailed list of added features can be found under: http://www.gremedy.com/history.php

The gDEBugger team

12-04-2005, 05:13 AM
Just a few minor things:
- It is very easy to crash if you load an old project workspace.

- If you add some counters to the performance dash board, click OK then bring the Add dialog back up, remove the counters, and the app crashes.
(note that this only happens if you do the adding and removing via the '+' on the performance daskboard.)

- I seriously think you need a way to flag what shaders are currently being used. In non-trivial apps there can be 100's of loaded and idle shaders and finding the ezact one to edit can be a real pain. (perhaps some "last used frame count" for the shader as used in GLIntercept. - no way to "flash" the in-use shader?)

Graphic Remedy
12-05-2005, 11:15 AM
Hi sqrt[-1]

Thanks a lot for your bug reports and comments!

We opened support cases for the reported bugs and will handle them ASAP.

Can you send us an old workspace file that makes gDEBugger crash?

...flag what shaders are currently being used...
I totally agree with your observation. We will add indicators for shaders usage.

Yaki Tebeka
The gDEBugger team

Graphic Remedy
12-06-2005, 02:39 AM
Hi sqrt[-1]

The performance dash board bug was fixed. The fix will be released with our next bug fix version.

Thanks again for the bug report.

Yaki Tebeka
The gDEBugger team

12-07-2005, 03:19 AM
OK I found out it was not an old workspace causing the crash, it was some GLSL experiments I was doing during some ATI validation.

To reproduce:
Get the Humus Portal demo here:

Open the Shader.shd file and change:
uniform sampler2D Base;
uniform sampler2D Base[2];

and change the texture access:
vec4 base = texture2D(Base, texCoord);
vec4 base = texture2D(Base[0], texCoord);

Then start the app thrugh gDebugger then while running, start the shader editor. Hit the pause button then the app freezes.

Graphic Remedy
12-08-2005, 07:46 AM
Hi sqrt[-1]

Thanks a lot for the detailed bug report!
We managed to reproduce it in our office and we are now working on it.

We will let you know when we will have news.

The gDEBugger team www.gremedy.com (http://www.gremedy.com)

Graphic Remedy
12-12-2005, 10:59 AM
Hi sqrt[-1]

We managed to locate and fix the problem you reported.
The fix will be released in our coming bug fix version, that will probably be released within a week from today.

Thanks again for the detailed bug report!

The gDEBugger team
www.gremedy.com (http://www.gremedy.com)