View Full Version : pBuffers and FBOs

06-19-2005, 03:22 PM
currently Im working on a FW which had some pbuffers running for floating point-texture generation. for some new rendering tasks I started using FBOs now - which run fine in an external FW. But if I try to render some shaders which uses many floating point textures of which some of them are generated with pbuffers and others with FBOs I get really strange errors - the program hangs and a window tells me the pbuffer has some errors.

...ok, heres the pseudocode for one render pass:

1. render some geometry into a fp-pbuffer
2. render some other things into a fp-FBO
3. use vertex/fragmnet program and render a fullscreen quad textured with many textures (including the result from [1] and [2].
--> ERROR-message

Anyone here having similar problems with the comination of FBOs and pbuffers? Thanks for every answer!

Im using a GF6800GT and Forceware 76.50.

06-20-2005, 08:35 AM
it's my understanding that fbo's are still fairly buggy. i see this forum has been inundated with issues surrounding them.

why are you combining pbuffers and fbo's?

what is a "FW"?

best of luck to you,