View Full Version : NVIDIA 81.85 and gl_FragData

Jay Cornwall
11-10-2005, 01:33 AM
Just updated my NVIDIA drivers to the new stable version 81.85, and my GLSL programs started throwing some warnings.

Seems like 'texture2DRect' and 'sampler2DRect' (which are non-standard, admittedly) have been replaced by 'textureRect' and 'samplerRect'. Any use of 'float*' also produces a warning, where the correct form is 'vec*'. These are all quite reasonable, but take a look at this...

void main() {
gl_FragData[0] = vec4(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0);
}(2) : warning C7506: OpenGL does not define the global variable gl_FragData

As far as I was aware, gl_FragData was standard and present in the GLSL spec. Did I miss something?

Edit: just spotted a GLSL forum. Perhaps this should be moved there, sorry.

11-10-2005, 01:21 PM
Are you using the OpenGL 2.0 entry points or the old ARB ones? If you are using the old ones you may have to define the using ARB_draw_buffers extnsion at the top of the GLSL file.

Just a guess...