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01-02-2003, 06:31 AM
I use direktx9, and when i try to compile DevIL header filee(il.h,ilu.h,ilut.h) there is some error about d3d8.h - i dont remember the header file exactly, but its foir direkt 3d 8 .
Can i fix it somehow, or should i download direkt 3d 8 ?

01-02-2003, 06:51 AM
Why not ask this in the DevIL newsgroup
www.imagelib.org (http://www.imagelib.org) -> forums

Questions Burner
01-04-2003, 05:31 PM
I think what you said is this block of codes in ilut.h file

// ImageLib Utility Toolkit's DirectX 8 Functions
#ifdef _WIN32
#include <d3d8.h>
ILAPI ILvoid ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8MipFunc(ILuint NumLevels);
ILAPI IDirect3DTexture8* ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8Texture(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device);
ILAPI IDirect3DVolumeTexture8* ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8VolumeTexture(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8TexFromFile(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, char *FileName, IDirect3DTexture8 **Texture);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8VolTexFromFile(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, char *FileName, IDirect3DVolumeTexture8 **Texture);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8TexFromFileInMemory(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, ILvoid *Lump, ILuint Size, IDirect3DTexture8 **Texture);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8VolTexFromFileInMemory(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, ILvoid *Lump, ILuint Size, IDirect3DVolumeTexture8 **Texture);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8TexFromFileHandle(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, ILHANDLE File, IDirect3DTexture8 **Texture);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8VolTexFromFileHandle(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, ILHANDLE File, IDirect3DVolumeTexture8 **Texture);
// These two are not tested yet.
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8TexFromResource(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, HMODULE SrcModule, char *SrcResource, IDirect3DTexture8 **Texture);
ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8VolTexFromResource(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, HMODULE SrcModule, char *SrcResource, IDirect3DVolumeTexture8 **Texture);

ILAPI ILboolean ILAPIENTRY ilutD3D8LoadSurface(IDirect3DDevice8 *Device, IDirect3DSurface8 *Surface);

comment the whole thing out and that's it.