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03-28-2001, 06:18 AM
This might be a bit off topic, I apologize. But I cant find any better forum.

Does anyone know how endomorphs work, and how I can use them in OpenGL. They are stored in LWO files, but I cant find any info or anything about how they work and how they are stored.

Anyone, please point me in the right direction or submit info here.

03-28-2001, 04:09 PM
Well, you could try www.wotsit.org. (http://www.wotsit.org.)

Nicolas Lelong
03-28-2001, 09:50 PM

you could take a look at the LW SDK page which contains the 'official' LWO file format description : http://members.home.net/erniew2/lwsdk/docs/

03-28-2001, 10:27 PM
Thx you guys...

I found out that it stores "vertex displacement deltas" for each vertex in a vertex-map. But what is that, is there any good theory for morphing out there.

What I want to do is: load an LWO in lightwave and have a custom 'morph-mixer' in my code to do real-time facial animation and stuff.

03-28-2001, 10:29 PM
sorry.... last mess wrong

load in OpenGL / c++ code
(NOT in lightwave, that is no problem obviously http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/smile.gif