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08-28-2000, 05:17 AM
Hi people,
I've just started to write a 3DMax-Like Modeller (1 week old), it will be updated by and by.
So have a look: http://people.freenet.de/freezama/

Robert Nkolo

08-28-2000, 06:32 AM
How could you? That site is copyrighted by Nehe. http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/frown.gif

08-28-2000, 06:39 AM
and what do you think about the modeler in this early stage??


08-29-2000, 04:40 AM
Well there's a good layout, but using MFC I should think would be very slow, and you need more menu options than just "File->Exit" http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/eek.gif

08-29-2000, 06:56 AM
"but using MFC I should think would be very slow"
i don't think so -> 3D-max also use MFC and i think + stingray.
"and you need more menu options than just "File->Exit""
sure it's about one week old -> and i don't have so much time to always work on it->
my actual employee also need some work for his Money you know. http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/smile.gif
so if you have interesse to work with just mail me -> it will be a great thing with features like: polygons to nurbs conversion.
and the like.


08-29-2000, 07:04 AM
i mean: employer