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02-22-2005, 12:26 AM
I try to render Q3 .BSP files and something seems to be strange.
my rendering procedure is:
vertexcolor * tex0 * lightmap
I use GL_MODULATE environment for Tex0 & Tex1
But everything is really dark (assuming vertexcolor<1.0 texcolor<1.0 and lightmap<1.0.
So my question is:
How to do a Quake3-Like Brightness method that allows RGB color scaling with factor greater than 1?

02-22-2005, 03:04 AM
there are 2 things i can think of.
The main thing is probably you should use Vertex color, OR lightmap. I think i recall quake3 still had the option to use vertex colors calculated from the lightmaps as a really low-quality fast option.

The other thing could be the gamma ramp overbrightening that q3 used for a 0-2 dynamic range. You can use win32 Get/SetDeviceGammaRamp to change the gamma ramp to make everything double in brightness like they did. Then the lightmaps or vertex colors need to be adjusted accordingly.


02-22-2005, 11:05 AM
from memory quake3 actually changed the brightness of the textures when u loaded them in, the poormans gamma, but guaranteed to work!

02-22-2005, 12:27 PM
Yeah like everyone said, you need to boost the brightness of the lightmaps. Here is a function from the DXQuake3 open source engine that does this:

DWORD c_BSP::BrightenColour(U8 r, U8 g, U8 b)
int ir, ig, ib, Gamma, imax;
float Factor;
Gamma = 2-DQConsole.OverbrightBits;

ir = ((int)r)<<Gamma;
ig = ((int)g)<<Gamma;
ib = ((int)b)<<Gamma;

imax = max( ir, max( ig, ib ) );
if(imax>255) {
Factor = 255.0f/(float)imax;
ir = (int)((float)ir*Factor);
ig = (int)((float)ig*Factor);
ib = (int)((float)ib*Factor);

return D3DCOLOR_RGBA( ir, ig, ib, 255 );
}For more info, google for DXQuake3 and get the source.


02-22-2005, 12:31 PM
You know what, I may as well post a snippet from the function that calls the BrightenColor.

for(i=0;i<NumLightmaps;++i) {

d3dcheckOK( TempTexture->GetLevelDesc( 0, &amp;desc ) );
d3dcheckOK( TempTexture->LockRect( 0, &amp;LockedRect, NULL, 0 ) );

for(u=0;u<128;++u) {
pixel = (DWORD*)( (BYTE*)LockedRect.pBits+u*LockedRect.Pitch );
for(v=0;v<128;++v,++pixel) {
//BGRA (LSB first)
*pixel = BrightenColour( Lightmap[i].map[u][v][0], Lightmap[i].map[u][v][1], Lightmap[i].map[u][v][2]);


LightmapTextureBuffer[i] = (c_Texture*) DQNewVoid( c_Texture );
LightmapTextureBuffer[i]->LoadTextureFromSysmemTexture( TempTexture, FALSE, 0 );
}I hope that is self explanitory enough.


02-28-2005, 01:01 PM
Thanks everybody :)
It's great.
Boosting brightness of lightmaps is perfect.
And the SetDeviceGammaRamp function allows me to modulate brightness in realtime.