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09-01-2000, 07:43 PM

Can someone give me a small description of how one would manipulate an OpenGL model in a Web-Browser?

I know there are plug-ins and other software that do this, but I was wondering if there was a way to do this using JAVA applets and OpenGL.

Thanks in advance.

09-01-2000, 08:16 PM
first of all there is no such thing as an opengl model per se (that is an object can be coded as polys, but a file format does not exist really)....

second if you want to manipulate a model in java you could use java3d, I know they have several free loaders that one may use

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09-05-2000, 01:00 AM
You can also use GL4Java which makes an extension throug JNI So you can use simple OpnenGL-Code for displaying youf 3D-Data. It is available under http://www.jausoft.com
It is really great and a lot of Java-Apps were done with this thingy.
However, you have to install it, so you cannot use it on a browser where this one is not available. But the same it is on Java3D, which is JDK 2.0 which is not implemented the common Browsers JVM