View Full Version : Fonts in OpenGL

12-04-2000, 03:07 AM
Well, this is my question:

Which is the fastest way to render fonts in OpenGL? Using glBitmap? or glWritePixels? or using textured polygons?

I think the fastest method is using textured polygons per character, because I could benefit from hardware acceleration. But what do you think? http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/confused.gif

12-04-2000, 03:32 AM
Most people will tell you that textured quads are the fastest way, which seems to be true according to my tests...

Nevertheless, there are cases where I use wglUseFontOutlines and build display lists to have vector fonts...

But for speed, yeah, just go with textured quads !



12-04-2000, 06:13 AM
The fastest way will be either indexed triangle lists or triangle strips depending on your card and drivers.