View Full Version : Texture from Another Texture

03-19-2007, 11:32 AM
Is it possible to create a new texture using information stored in another texture?

Can I specify texture coordinates in the new texture and texture coordinates in an existing texture such that the new texture is a warped/distorted version of the existing texture?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks.

03-19-2007, 01:07 PM
Yes it is possible to warp textures. There are many ways of doing it. You need to be more specific here...

03-19-2007, 04:01 PM
With render to texture you can do more or less everything.

However, statically linking one image into another using texture-coordinates, is impossible (if you know what I mean, and if that is what you meant).

It's pretty simple: Everything that you can get on screen, you can then store in a new texture.