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11-14-2003, 12:27 AM
hi there,

ive got the following problem:

i'm programming a pool game. for rendering the pool balls i use the gluQuadric(...) function. by increasing the sphere's stacks and slices i get a significant performance drop, which is obvious, BUT:

at first i didnt use display lists and with 128stacks + 128 slices i got sth like 5FPS.

after changing my prog to use display lists for the spheres, i get 6FPS when all the balls are on the screen, but 29FPS when onlt one of them is visible.
here are 2 screenshots so you can see what i mean:

5fps: http://wuw.stusta.mhn.de/~u001532a/_pic-galleries/_MISC/pool%201.JPG
29fps: http://wuw.stusta.mhn.de/~u001532a/_pic-galleries/_MISC/pool%202.JPG

since im not using frustum culling or anything, the display list is being called for all the 16 balls in both cases.

so why do i get that significant drop in framerate? does anyone have an idea?

already tried the following:
- set resolution 480x320 instead of 1024x768
- disable lighting and shadows
- increase depth buffer size

but the same thing is still happening.

system: win2000 sp4, athlon xp1800, geforce4mx 64mb

11-14-2003, 01:54 AM
Ive heard several times that nVidias drivers will do a frustum cull for you when youre using displaylists and fixedfunction pipeline.. so i guess its true, and that is what you experience..