View Full Version : bitmap.h error?????

04-07-2002, 10:54 PM
getting an undefined structure "EXPORT" in Bitmap.h when compiling. Any ideas what is causing that?

Bitmap.h code:
// Borland C++ - (C) Copyright 1991, 1992 by Borland International

#ifndef __BITMAP_H
#define __BITMAP_H

#include <windows.h>

// Interface to simple library of classes to use for Windows GDI.

class EXPORT Bitmap
HANDLE hBitmap;
int GetBitmap( BITMAP FAR * lpbm )
return GetObject( hBitmap, sizeof( BITMAP ), (LPSTR) lpbm );
Bitmap( HINSTANCE hInstance, char FAR * lpszBitmapName )
hBitmap = LoadBitmap( hInstance, lpszBitmapName );
~Bitmap( void )
DeleteObject( hBitmap );
void FAR _export Display( HDC hDC, int xStart, int yStart );
// Get the size of the bitmap in logical coordinates.
POINT GetSize( HDC hDC )
POINT ptSize;

GetBitmap( &bm );
ptSize.x = bm.bmWidth;
ptSize.y = bm.bmHeight;
DPtoLP( hDC, &ptSize, 1 );
return ptSize;

#endif // __BITMAP_H

04-08-2002, 05:40 AM
A quick search through a bunch of the headers in the Borland include directory reveals this in mapi.h...

#ifndef EXPORT
#ifdef WIN16
#define EXPORT __export
/* Additional special definitions here */
#define EXPORT

And this in sqltypes.h, odbcinst.h.

#ifndef EXPORT
#define EXPORT

Either include one of those headers first or use one of those code snippets before you include bitmap.h. (Which I'm not seeing in Borland's inlcude directory, btw.)