View Full Version : ati radeon crashes when using wglUseFontOutline and glCallLists

05-17-2001, 02:03 PM
Has anybody seen the ati radeon crash when using wglUseFontsOutline and glCallLists.

The driver for the display adapter crashes when i do this. It happens when i call wglDeleteContext. if i call wglUseFontsOutline, but dont call the glCallLists function, the crash does not occur. i can even call glListBase without causing the crash. A microsoft sample program using the same calls also crashes on exit, but i cant compile and step thru the code because ms left out some header files needed to compile the sample, but they did include the exe.

05-17-2001, 02:52 PM
I would suggest that you contact ATI. You could try devrel@ati.com. If you're using a special purpose driver, you could also use the report form to report this problem.

05-17-2001, 03:27 PM
Yeah happenes to me to...

What seems to work is release your
Lists one at a time with a loop or something
and, Make sure you delete ALL of them this seems to solve it for the most part.

For some reason releasing more than one at a time or not releasing all of your lists causes crashes with msdev or windows explorer.