View Full Version : Texture only certain Polys...

10-11-2000, 04:45 PM
I'm trying to use Lesson 17 from NeHe's tutorials (having a texture with letters on it, then picking certain ones to be put onto polys) to display text on my screen. I goit all the code into my program and got it to display with one problem. When I have the glEnable (texture_2d) turned on, all the polygons which are colored with a color disappear. (glColor x x x) When I turn it off, they reappear, but the words dont. How do I get it so I can apply a texture to just the words, and not to anything else (I think it's applied to everything, hence the panels I made don't show up)... Or do I need to use glMaterial on those who are going to be colored, but not textured?