View Full Version : Smooth surfaces and mesh and bezier

09-20-2002, 02:52 AM
Good Day opengl people!
First of all i want to remember to all i m a very very beginner with 3D graphic.
I have a questio that i hope will be answered because i m really getting mad about a porblem.
I have a table of struct that describe all wath i need to draw polygons
(struct poligonnumber[max]{x,y,z})
and now, after being drawing that polygons,i would like make a step and render it smoother.
I know tha way is nurbs or mesh or bezier, or all the things above toghter but i would need a really small but complete example to how to code that.
We suppose i want to draw a nurbs surface and i have 100 vertex that i pre-calculate, now how can i interpolate the relative nurbs surface?
Please help me, i really enjoy programming and that would make me happy!
if any body feel like to write a little example using gl, glu and glut libraries.... thanks to all people.......I hope in next time i will be able too to help you !
See next time and excuse me for my wonderfull english!!!!

09-20-2002, 03:52 AM
Nurbs can be drawn using the glu utilities (as can patches etc.). Check out the quadric patch example on the NEHE developer site.