View Full Version : Difference between 95 and NT in object display.

05-07-2000, 02:03 AM
I have an OpenGL program that gives different results between 95/98 and NT.

I am drawing a number of primitives onto the screen:
- gluCylinder
- gluCylinder as a cone
- gluDisk
etc. I have a light source and am using smooth shading.

For each of these I use glRotate and glTranslate to position the object prior to drawing (boiler plate stuff).

On NT, the code works fine - this is my primary development environment.

On 95, it the cylinders look flat (as if sliced at z=0 - I am looking along z axis). Also the cones look flat when drawn vertically, but look fine when drawn horizontally.

Is there a difference between NT and 95 when doing rotations/translations?

Thanks for any hints you can give.


Rob The Bloke
05-13-2000, 06:23 PM
The most likely explanation are differences in graphics card drivers between win 98 and NT. I very much doubt its anything to do with your code.