View Full Version : i want to draw a human face,in 2D !!!

05-23-2000, 01:08 PM
i want to draw a human face using the 2D how can i iluminate it to make the 3D sense !!!
thats silly i know, but i dont want use the 3D these days!!
thanx in advance

05-27-2000, 12:21 PM
Um matters how u wanna do it and how good u r in opengl, what u can do in 2d is like with a moving light source u can take the distance from the light and do a sort of flat shade, or check every pixel for better lighting, or use like a pre calculated image of a light circle( more bright in middle less in outer) and transperasize it on to the pic, it matters as u see http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/smile.gif
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