View Full Version : Make an OpenGL area in a window(using GLUT)

06-01-2001, 06:18 AM
Is there a way in Unix/Linux to create a window that has the OpenGL drawing area in half the window, and regular controls in the other half? Kinda like a picture box in visual basic under windows?


06-01-2001, 05:27 PM
Yes, there are several libraries for this that is on top of GLUT. They will not work in fullscreen game mode.

The original was mui http://reality.sgi.com/opengl/tips/mui/mui.html
Create two GLUT sub windows and use one for the normal drawing and the other for mui. The sources for mui is in the GLUT source distribution.

06-02-2001, 09:20 AM
I was kinda looking to see if half the screen could be native java GUI controls and half be my 3D view area.

Thanks for the help.