View Full Version : zooming 2D text (X11 and W32)

04-19-2005, 02:02 AM
I wonder how far I can zoom my 2D texts (or make them bigger or smaller) made from glXUseXFont (similar I guess from the wgl font stuff). It creates display lists internally.

I've had quick looks about it, and found only PixelZoom, but it seems it's not what I was looking for.

Mainly, I'd like to avoid loading many fonts that are changing with their size only. So one font load, and later some 'scalings' on it so that I can have different sizes.

How far that's possible ? And how to do that ?

04-19-2005, 02:26 AM
Well, I recently messed around with some textured fonts code. glScale, glRotate and glTranslate all work as you'd expect with this. Did you try these?

04-19-2005, 02:51 AM
I use RasterPos to place them.
I've tried scaling but it moves them instead of what I'm expecting.

04-19-2005, 04:43 AM
I don't think raster pos should have anything to with this type of producing text. Take a look at my post, a few posts back (http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/cgi_directory/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=2;t=018416) .
Hmm, having another look at my post I see that I use wglUseFontOutlines. Maybe that is the difference?

04-19-2005, 05:32 AM
I definitely have to use RasterPos. So maybe glx fonts and wgl fonts are different stuffs. I thought they were almost the same, but it seems not.

Any normal transformations have simply no effect at all or bad effects with what I'm doing.

04-19-2005, 12:26 PM
There's a difference between bitmap and outline fonts. I've used bitmaps with glut before which was similar with what you describe (glRasterPos). Try to see how you could use outline fonts.

04-19-2005, 01:23 PM
ok, thanks, I already noticed that there are other ways to do fonts. I can do texture fonts, they seem the best. But actually there's no plan for that.

04-21-2005, 01:32 AM
So, nothing else for that ? Isn't that possible ?