View Full Version : rendered model edges are jagged

06-17-2004, 07:26 PM
im displaying some models and find that the sharp lines on the models are on screen as somewhat jagged. The model in question is for example a crane, with lots of straight lines along the boom arm. Is this a resolution thing, or perhaps some smoothing technique is required to smooth against the background.

I do have gl_smooth enabled

06-17-2004, 09:39 PM
Screen resolution would be the cause. Try upping the resolution to over 1024x768 or enable anti-aliasing and the aliasing should be much less noticeabe.

// ville

06-18-2004, 12:01 AM
how do you turn on anti aliasing in opengl,

thanks for the info

06-18-2004, 03:28 AM
you can use the MULTI_SAMPLE_ARB extension.
go to NeHe and look up the Full Scene Anti Aliasing demo.