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04-13-2004, 01:36 AM
What I'm trying to do is to get a highly pixelated view of a scene, where each pixel is antialiased. Let's say the scene is rendered at a resolution of 64x64, to get a good base for antialiasing, but it is shown in just 16x16 pixels covering the whole viewport.

The approach I've had so far is to render the scene to a texture using a pbuffer with mipmaps being generated. The idea was then to render a quad over the whole viewport, with the mipmap that has 16x16 texels, and have that stretched over the quad. I've got the render to texture thing working, what I can't find out is how to use a specific mipmap level when texturing a quad. Is this possible? Any better approach?

04-13-2004, 04:44 AM
You can select a MIP level but to get the MIP levels generated you'll need the auto MIP calculation extension and hope it works with a render to texture. Dunno if that's the case.

You can select a MIP lod using the texparameters TEXTURE_MAX_LOD and TEXTURE_MIN_LOD.

04-14-2004, 11:57 PM
I didn't really figured out how to use the TEXTURE_MIN/MAX_LOD parameters, don't have much time now. I got confused that this is a float parameter. And if it is to be applied when the texture is generated or when it is used.

So I solved it by first render to one texture, take this texture and render to anotherone, smaller, with the appropriete filtering. Finally display this texture... probably not cheap at all.

04-15-2004, 04:53 AM
The texture LOD is a float in order to work properly with trilinear filtering (LINEAR_MIPMAP_LINEAR). Setting the to 1.5 will combine two levels. That way you can have extra (slightly ugly) blur.