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09-26-2000, 05:49 AM
Does anyone know how to create a beam of light? e.g. As you would see when shining a torch in the dark. I have been seraching the net for a while now and can't seem to find any examples anywhere. Any help would be much appreciated.

09-26-2000, 09:04 AM
The most commonly used technique is to have a poly that is textured with a "flame" texture and then put it at the light location with possible animation. I'm sure you could also do it with procedural textures.

http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/eek.gif cwhite40 http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/eek.gif

09-26-2000, 03:33 PM
By torch I assume you mean what American's call a flashlight? Do you want to know how to make the beam itself visible, or how to make the spot of light it projects?

09-27-2000, 09:27 AM
I was wanting to try and make the beam visible. And yes, by torch I do mean flashlight. Any easy ways to do this?

09-27-2000, 10:31 AM
A method Microsoft's Midtown Madness used (for the car's headlights) was a cylinder with a fading opacity value, with additive blending.... you could do this, then apply a decal texture (additive) of a white spot, scaled by the lights distance from the wall.

either this method or using a flat textured poly for the beam would work.


(btw, i'm unsure about much of this...any corrections would be welcome)

10-08-2000, 10:24 AM
Has anyone any more details, or example code? Thanks MJW.