View Full Version : Where & how to start learning

06-18-2001, 12:39 AM
Please let me know how the learning process could me commenced. I have quite experience in c & Assembly. Also give details of the pakages required.

06-18-2001, 12:50 AM
http://nehe.gamedev.net/opengl.asp Also you need a compiler (easiest with VC++6), probably GLUT (try google) and preferably some good graphics hardware!

06-18-2001, 03:41 AM
NeHe's tutorials are great, except that they are wwritten in Win32, I think, which is the long, arduous way of programming with OpenGL. I suggest either the downloadable e-book at www.game-dev.com (http://www.game-dev.com) (or .net, I'm not sure). At the time of writing, it's under construction, though. Also, try the redbook, found here at OpenGL.org.