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05-18-2000, 05:53 PM
If anyone has a minute or two to give a brief on what multitexturing is, I would preciate it.

I am wondering if it will solve my problem which is:

I have a terrain database rendered in opengl, and I am using satellite photos for texture. This is great at >= 200 ft radar alt, but below this the texture washes out and it is hard (visually) to tell if you are 100 or 10 feet off of the ground. I would like to be able to fade in a new texture pattern when close to the ground that has enough detail to give better visual cues (some repeated dirt or grass pattern, e.g.)

Is multitexturing what I am looking for?


05-18-2000, 06:53 PM
Multitexuring is simply applying more than one texture on one polygon, one after another. So you can blend, add, replace, whatever you can with single texturing.

But for your problem, I think it's worth a try.

Serge K
05-18-2000, 09:01 PM
As I understand, you want to put a detail texture on the terrain.

Some SGI hardware has the special extension for it : GL_SGIS_detail_texture (http://oss.sgi.com/projects/ogl-sample/registry/SGIS/detail_texture.txt)

You can do it with multitexturing, but manually. http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/frown.gif