View Full Version : OpenGL and windows 95/98/etc

05-08-2000, 12:32 AM
How do i tell OpenGL that i have a 3dfx card?
If i compile and run a OpenGL app everything is software rendered. (Slooow)
One colored polygone is okay, but a textured one is so slow.

Is there any command or something that i have to enter into the source, or is it my compiler? (lcc Win32) Or any other software? (I have glide installed, if that matters)

05-08-2000, 06:18 PM
Ah yes, 3Dfx..

When you run your program it loads opengl32.dll in your windows/system directory. This is a software driver, you want to use the 3dfx driver which is like.. 3dfxvgl.dll or something. Do not rename it to opengl32.dll

Instead go to the secret website here...

This is a great wrapper that will allow your applications to dynamicly load the correct driver.