View Full Version : problem with object converted via 3DExploration

10-25-2000, 12:00 AM
hi everyone,

thanks in advance to anyone who gives attention and helps.

i have one object (.wrl and .nff). when i opened via 3DExploration(3DE), and saved it into .cpp, it only loads objects' coordinates, and didn't give any functions to load its textures as well.

i wonder, does 3DE able to convert the object into application where textures and function to load the textures included.

oh yep, i am working on OpenGL and C language. so of course i am expecting the files are .c/.cpp.

Please somebody help...


10-25-2000, 05:10 AM
3D Exploration will export the texture coordinates; you need only to uncomment their generation in the Gen3DObjectList() function of the display list .cpp file.

However, as far as _loading_ your textures into memory and telling GL what texture to map to those coordinates, you are on your own, AFAIK. I recently upgraded to the latest version (1.5) and haven't used it since upgrading, so this functionality may have been implemented.

Can anyone else comment on this?