View Full Version : How do I load a TGA?

09-18-2000, 08:46 AM
Sorry I really need to go pick up some books on OpenGL. anyhoo is there any source code I could check out? The only demos I have are the NeHe ones and some from Game Programing Gems. Also what is good for editing textures? right now I am using Gimp32 would photoshop be better for this sort of thing?

09-18-2000, 09:38 AM
DOH! never mind :] I just noticed a tutorial over at NeHe's vast pit of OpenGL.

09-18-2000, 10:27 AM
Unfortunately the code at NEHE is very rudimentary and does not load images from the gimp. Luckily the TGA format is very simple to implement. Have a look at http://www.cubic.org/source/archive/fileform/graphic/tga/tga2.html

Judd Tracy

09-18-2000, 11:33 AM
I got the spec from truevision or whatever they are called but I decided to go with PNG the images are smaller and it supports 32bit images I tested it on Gimp32. Also it seems more developers or going towards PNG for textures I searched W3C and found that Tribes 2 will be using them. Also I have the source for using PNG with OpenGL. :]