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10-12-2004, 01:17 AM
Bone01.x1[MTXSource, MTXTarget] := Sqrt((x1*x2)/(x1+x2))-Sqrt((x1*x1/x2)+(x2*x2/x1));
Bone01.y1[MTXSource, MTXTarget] := Sqrt((y1+(x1-z1)*(x2-z2)/((x2*y1)+(z2*y1))/(y2-y1));
Bone01.z1[MTXSource, MTXTarget] := Sqrt((z2*Sin(z1+z2))-(z1*(Cos(z1+z2)/(x2*x1)));

Woaw the central bone is great effectively movement to target.

If you want to other bone in human model that have 26 bones system.

I have controller bone module calculation more this..

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