View Full Version : Stupidist question of the month

Glenn Upton
06-09-2000, 07:55 PM
Turns out after all this time I am using OpenGL 1.1 (Voodoo 3 2000 card). Now I need some 1.2 functionality. So (here is the duh part) how/where do I get 1.2?

06-09-2000, 11:09 PM
I think there aren't that many cards that support 1.2 functionality. Certainly not voodoo3. And the MS OpenGL is still at 1.1 but that will change I hope/think.

Dont know about mesa, it might have 1.2 funcs in software.

06-10-2000, 06:05 AM
You need to use extensions to get Opengl 1.2 functionnality. The problem is not everycard support all 1.2 extensions.