View Full Version : DisplayLists's array

07-08-2000, 10:15 AM
Hi there..

i'm having some problems with DisplayLists and i ll really appreciate if somebody could help me.

i wanna draw in each frame a dynamic object's array. So the number of objects in the array could change. and Each object have your own world's position. Nice....
My question is: do i have to write inside my displaylist the loop 0 to NumObjectsInArray - 1 that draws each object ?? Or i have to create a displaylist for each object ???
i mean, 57 objects = 57 displaylists ??? a dynamic DisplayList's arrays ????


thanx, guys.....

Glenn Upton
07-08-2000, 07:42 PM
You question is hard to understand. Perhaps you could phrase it better but...display lists are for static objects - not dynamic ones. Perhaps you do need many different display lists and then decide which ones to use at rendering time. No big deal to create...even 57. Hope that helps.