View Full Version : Slug Production : Slug 3D 0.4 - Need benchmark + level designer + programmer

Leyder Dylan
02-03-2002, 07:10 AM

The last version of our 3d engine is released.
Now, we've added a frustum culling technic and it's work well.
Only the visibles polygons are drawed, by the way, the performance
have been improved.

Here's a picture of the new map under UnrealEd 2.0
Now, Our 3d engine can display a cylinder made under UnrealEd 2.0


Can you send me a simple benchmark for the demo (your configuration)

We need soon a level designer and a programmer.

Level designer : making the map

Programmer : FX, physic, AI, sound, ...

You can send me a mail.
It will be cool if a french programmer would like to join us.
I live in Belgium ...

LEYDER Dylan http://ibelgique.ifrance.com/Slug-Production/