View Full Version : A bit disappointed with the new OpenGl programming guide 1.4 book...

12-10-2003, 09:18 PM
I've bought the book as I hoped it would be a good intro into fragment/pixel and vertex shading/programming (the ARB extensions have been there since 1.4, right?) as well as the buffer objects... in the description of the book it said: "Most importantly, the ARB vertex and fragment program extension is introduced. Many new example programs have been incorporated as well."
Really? Where is that??? I went through the whole book and found 2 paragraphs on that topic, basically what they are...
Why can't we have a good advanced programming book for opengl? There's TONS of them for DirectX...
I've also ordered Opengl Extension Guide and what a waste of money! It should be called 'reference' first of all. There's nothing from the 'guide' part. There's almost no code examples for using the extensions and it's mostly info that can be found on here for free. Do not buy this book!

The Opengl programming guide 1.4 is a great book overall, but I was just disappointed that it didn't talk about the newest and more advanced and powerful features.

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