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08-01-2001, 02:17 AM
First of all, I'm new to OpenGL. And I'm pretty new to C++.

So I ask you, do you know of any absolute begginers guides to OpenGL? I know of heaps, but I need one for C++ Builder 3/Delphi 4/VB.


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08-01-2001, 02:18 AM
Oh, and I would rather it be online than in book/bible form.


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08-01-2001, 02:57 AM

Below are the online links to the official OpenGL guides :

Good luck,


OpenGL red book (programmers guide):

OpenGL blue book (reference manual)

08-01-2001, 03:04 AM

its a good site to start learning OpenGL and it uses c++, win32

08-01-2001, 01:37 PM
Thanks Uther_Pendragon!

Akash: I went to NeHe before I put up this post, but t looks like they use VC++, and I only have Borland C++ Builder and Delphi 4

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08-01-2001, 06:36 PM
Most of the nehe tutorials have been ported to your favourite language (just look for the links at the bottom of the tutorial).

Hope that helps.

08-02-2001, 04:56 AM
yeah most of the tutorials (atleast the first 20 tutorials) have been proted to dephi, borland builder, etc. So u can read his tutorials on OpenGL using VC and understadn opengl. Then just get the source for delphi or borland builder... because <all> of his tutorials are based on the code used in lesson 1 and lesson 1 has been ported to other languages. lessons 2+ most of the things added are opengl stuff...

good luck

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08-02-2001, 05:05 AM
LEARN C++ (ATLEAST C) I CAN'T STRESS THAT ENOUGH. And in all honestly I probably shouldn't do this but...
"http://www.chez.com/scribe/en/opengl/index.htm" Contains OpenGL VB Tutorials, as does the fameous nehe site (http://nehe.gamedev.net). If you are in fact serious about this, learn C/C++ it's well worth it due to speed and memory efficiency, which translates to cooler more complex effects. But if you're rotating a cube, it doesn't matter =)

- rael

08-02-2001, 09:50 PM
rael, I am learning C++ (just started a few nights ago)

And, you shouldn't have done that. For some reason I don't have the urge to double click on that VB icon to make an OpenGL game engine (that's what I'm aiming for).

I have seen a few engines, all have been made in C++, and in one VB was used for the Level Editor. But, VB is slooooooooow (even tho u all know that).