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11-21-2000, 08:25 AM
hi everybody!!!!1
i'm a beginner either in java and opengl.
so ... how do i start a java program with "something" that resembles opengl in it??
what do i need more than the standard JDK of java(ver. 1.2)?

11-21-2000, 08:33 AM
you may use Java3D which is nothing like opengl, but an ok 3d api anyway.

You may (although I do not suggest it for the light of heart) use the JNI (Native AWT) and use actual gl code

you may also check this site for magician or jogl or a java 3d library

11-21-2000, 08:50 AM
so to write code with native openGL commands i must use c++ or visual c++, don't i?

11-21-2000, 08:52 AM
it is not completely necessary... I think there are java bindings for opengl, as I said check this site for Magicial or jogl

This may also be of use http://www.symbolstone.org/technology/java/nmbook/

this comes from the beginning page on this site and it is about native redering with java....

So not necessarily I don't think....

11-22-2000, 07:16 AM
many thanks http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/smile.gif