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02-11-2002, 07:22 PM
How do i use specific extensions? Does anyone have a good tutorial? Is it like basically replacing a normal openGL call with an extension? eg:

02-12-2002, 05:29 AM
Hey, rather than one of us re-writing all the documentation out there for you, here's a couple good places for you to start learning about OpenGL extensions. I'm just learning about them too, and have found these very helpful. http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/smile.gif

And check out this Extension loading library, this guy has some good info: http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uli2/index.html
I've used the extgl lib to get 1.2/1.3 functionality working in my code, as well as multitexturing.

Hope that helps!

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