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02-05-2002, 11:56 AM
omg , i got MS Visual C++ enterprise edition yesterday http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/frown.gif , i DON"T EVEN KNOW were *MAIN* is. First im programming OPENGL, then i get thrown back to COUT << "HELP";

In borland enterprise i had TOOLS and IDE and house garden and kitchen accessiores and i don't see any easy VISUAL tools at all http://www.opengl.org/discussion_boards/ubb/frown.gif
In Borland it was so easy to make a project ,but if i open a workspace i don't even know were to begin. HELP!!!!! How can i get easy started with MS visual c++ so i can use opengl on it ASAP.?

02-05-2002, 01:51 PM
Check out Nehe's tutorials at nehe.gamedev.net they have great beginner tutorials (which are written in VC++)

02-05-2002, 09:32 PM
Ehhmmm, how'bout RTM?