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07-18-2003, 09:51 AM
Need a Fast, Dedicated, and Reliable Game Server in the East? Well, go to www.rapidspace.com, (http://www.rapidspace.com,) we have cheaper prices on the net!

We do NOT subject you to a set up fee, or 3 month subscription.. this is one of the best hosts out there! Order today!

We also include for FREE:
A Web Based Control Panel -- http://www.exocontrol.com
HL Guard http://www.unitedadmins.com
Statsme http://www.olo.counter-strike.pl
Admin-mod http://www.adminmod.org
and PsychoStats! http://www.psychostats.com

Transactions are easy, after payment has been receivied, within 20 minutes, your server will be up(live chat with personell) if not then it will be up within 24 hours..

We use Multi OC-12's, and our data center's are located in New York, please visit us at www.rapidspace.com (http://www.rapidspace.com)

Visit one of our test servers:
New Jersey's Ganked CS!