View Full Version : Counter-Strike Opengl's lags...

07-05-2003, 04:09 PM
I am playing CS in Opengl since a long time !

Now i switch to WInXP pro SP 1 (i installed all the newest updates)

But sometimes, i have a little bug, When I play CS, my controls are not responding well. There is a littl delay of aobut 1, or 2 secondes sometimes, before the characters moves or shoot... so i can't play wall and it is frustrating me !

Anybody has an idea why it is like this ? when i play in Direct of Software mod, i have no problem and my PC does not sucks (3.0 ghz, 512 ram ddr with a 5 mbps internet connection)


07-07-2003, 05:52 AM
this little thing ur suffering is called mouse/keyboard lag. its usually caused by low fps or refresh rate. U can set the refreash rate from the monitor settings, but winXp will auto set the refresh rate back to lowest. The fix this u should try d/l a refresh rate lock proggy (also installing newest drivers etc. would help). If u have a grafix card made by Nvidia try "ReFresh Force v1.10", and if u have a card made by Ati try "ATI Radeon RefreshFix 0.98 Beta". These both r downloadable from http://www.guru3d.com/ . I hope this helped u to fix ur problem.