View Full Version : Win2k, Counterstrike and _strange_ OpenGL-Problem

05-21-2001, 02:24 AM
Hi OpenGL-Wizards :-))

i got a win2k-box with halflife counterstrike running :-)) I have played all the time in openGL-Mode, 800x600 and since yesterday this is no longer possible :-(

in the morning I played a round or two and anything was fine, in the evening I want to log in to my favorite server and got the message "this openGL-mode is not supported by your graphics adapter". This message appears with ANY openGL-Mode. I can play wirh D3D but it's horrible slowly :-((

the system was unchanged (not even powered on) in the meantime...

I reinstalled both the drivers for my matrox g400 and half-life with no effects...

any suggestions?