View Full Version : Xp = Upgrade's?

01-09-2003, 04:59 AM
i jus upgraded my syestem if u could call it that.. 2 Xp. from ME. N now when i try to play a game.. it say (( The selected Open GL mode is not acsepted by ur video card )) now i had a vid card.. took it out .. bin playin jus wit Open GL for a lil bit. on ME.. but the second i go to Xp. it start to say that. but b4 i never had that problem. is there N upgrade sum where that i need or what? or should i jus wait til i put my new vid card in. but i would like to play now. oh! N it will let me play on Softwear. an Direct3D.. witch r both bootee!! i think. 3D laggz to much for me.. well ne help would b welcome.. thx.