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12-11-2000, 01:41 PM
Can anybody help me? I just bought a voodo 4 4500 agp. I had a lot of problems setting it up. I went to install it...loading the drivers, then I went to play. Immediately, the game would crash, when I would run it in open gl/glide mode. I downloaded the lastest drivers from 3dfx.com...installed them, and it didn't work. Games still crashed my computer. So...just as I was about to return my video card, I found this website. I downloaded gl setup and ran it..got the drivers (although it warned me the driver i had was more compatible)...I proceeded. After running it...it installed the drivers..and SUCCESS!!! I was so surprised when everything ran flawlessly. Can anybody explain to me what was going on? I've been installing software/drivers/building computers for a while now, so I definately know how to set things up. What was different from the drivers i got from 3dfx.com and from what i got from glsetup?