View Full Version : Which GeForce2 Pro brand?

04-24-2001, 07:35 AM

I've been looking at different brands that are offering the GeForce2 Pro 64MB card at pricewatch.com. But, I'm not sure which to go with. Does anyone have good/bad experiences with any of the manufacturers listed below?

$184 - eVGA
$184 - MSI
$185 - PowerColor Computer
$194 - Leadtek
$202 - Inno3d
$219 - Vision Tek
$245 - AsusTek
$265 - Gainward


04-24-2001, 07:35 PM
Well, I've heard nothing but good things about the Visiontek cards. My buddy has a Visiontek Ultra, and that thing rocks!

However, the MSI cards are supposed to be decent as well, from what I've hard, and they can be a little bit cheaper. Also note that Nvidia is now retailing the Pro cards, instead of just OEM'ing them to manufacturers, so the price is going down a little bit. I'd hang tight for a week or two and see where the prices go before I purchased, if I were you.

Hope that helps.

04-25-2001, 10:10 AM
eehhh...guys..ever heard of Hercules???
there are curently no faster G-Force2 card's out....so...what are u whaiting fore..they have EXELENT driver's, and iff ure planing a casemod. u can show off ur shiny BLUE pcb of a card ;-))