View Full Version : It will not work!!!

04-22-2002, 05:45 PM
I am having some ongoing trouble with opengl. i got my computer off my friend a few years ago and still have his old 2 gig hdd. now i recently upgraded my tnt2 to a geforce4. i cannot run any opengl game (jk2). i have the latest drivers so please don't say this will solve the problem, because it wont. i vaguely remember trying to run opengl on half life with the tnt2 and did not work either. currently i have "nvopengl.dll" and "opengl32.dll" in my system folder. could my friend still have some old video drivers from a PCI video cards that could still be conflicting with the system. i know i didn't format the drive when i got it. how can i find this file. i am running 98se with a via 133a (or similar) mobo and gf4 ti4600. any help would be appreciated...