View Full Version : opengl linked to missing gdi32.dll...........

04-05-2001, 10:15 AM
ok, i'll try to explain this one as best i can. i've got a dell inspiron 7000 running win98se with an ati rage mobility pro video card. i have an opengl compatible video driver offered by dell through their support website: Inspiron 7000 Video Driver for Windows 98 v.M6.00-F-PCD28. i'm trying to find software to allow me to view usgs .dem files (terrain map) in 3d. as of now, i've tried 4 different packages, some freeware, some not. with each of these packages, i get the same error upon executing the program: opengl linked to missing gdi32.dll...and something about a buffer; sorry i can't quote the exact error. i know NOTHING about opengl, so right now, i'm dead in the water. does anyone have any info on this one? thanks in advance.