View Full Version : Viewing range in games

04-25-2001, 10:06 AM
I have a problem, 2-3 years ago..i got a voodoo2 card and my first gaming expirience with OpenGL got me hooked, and the only thing i was a bit anoyed over was the viewing range (accross a map in Action Quake2), i cant snipe, cause i cant se the other end. i thought that this was limited by technologie...but now...i have a G-force2GTS and the range hasnt been increased...this is NOT good, and i stil cant snipe accross the map unless i go into software mode...is there a way to fix this?? is this a code implemented in the GAME (aka Half-life (same prob.) Quake2) or is this a limitation of OpenGL itself or havent the developers increased the range in pace with technologies??? plz respond someone from OpenGL expirience