View Full Version : *** Where's OpenGL Driver for Win2K?!!! ***

09-27-2000, 02:06 PM
I have Star Trek; Elite Force, an amazing game, but will only work with drivers of OpenGL (i have a 16mg Voodoo 3 2000).

The problem is that OpenGL drivers are only for win95 and win98.... NOT FOR WIN2K?!!!

When will the drivers be available?
Do i have any other options?

Please reply...


11-16-2000, 01:32 PM
Yeah boys! how about answering? is THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE WHO KNOWS WHERE TO GET THE WIN2K OPENGL DRIVER?????????????
The beloved opengl.org tells me that glsetup is for WIN2k too, but thats crap!!!!!! it just doesnt work, it displays the message "Run under win9x only"... so please help us. contactng nvidia is impossible...


11-16-2000, 10:49 PM
The manufacturer of your graphic board is responsible for providing you with drivers. Go to their website and have a look. If they don't have any, chances are that there is no drivers for your board and Win2k.