View Full Version : Nvidia and OpenGL - Quake 2

07-09-2001, 02:45 AM
Here I am probably re-inventing the wheel but I changed my Voodoo 3DFx Banshee card for a TNT 2 Ultra. I installed Nvidia version 12.4 drivers and then went for the OpenGL install which did warn me it might not be 100% effective and I can only play Q2 in software mode. I have changed the config to use the NVopengl.dll but Quake just keeps changing back to 3dfxgl.dll. Is there a way round this without going down the road of direct3d. I have WME loaded which should have directx 8. I almost need a PHD just to sort out this out. Plug and play? Not in this lifetime. Plug, spend 18 days fiddling and then no playing is more like it. Oh I put the Banshee back in and reinstalled everything in 5 mins just to have my frag fix, but I would like to get this 32Mb card working.

07-10-2001, 06:21 AM
read grey screen problem will definetly solve the problem
i had same problem and change dll files installed new drivers after chaanging cards and only doing things the way mentioned in grey screen flaming post did i solve my problem i only wish there was a easier solution for me we i had the same problem .