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  1. Trasnfer Data from FBO to PBO issues
  2. Issues with translucency (blending)
  3. texture baking space
  4. FBO synchronization
  5. Optimize grid rendering for post T&L cache
  6. VBO and error 1282
  7. Do I need to care about seperate function pointers in seperate Contexts in Windows?
  8. Use stencil attachment apart from depth attachment
  9. Should I provide interleaving to end users?
  10. Inputting dynamic data to the VBO's
  11. The point of shadow samplers vs regular samplers
  12. OpenGL: dynamic depth sorting with BSP Tree
  13. Real time volume rendering and editing
  14. Questions about Scope of Mapped Buffer Validity
  15. Show a bitmap video in OpenGL
  16. Using Uniform Buffer Objects (UBO) in Fragment Shaders
  17. Using Shared Memory Extensions with FBO Tetxtures
  18. Linearize the Depth buffer
  19. Txaa ?
  20. glPopAttrib "Invalid draw bindings."
  21. EXT_shader_framebuffer_fetch - On desktop?
  22. Load and display a video stream in openGL
  23. suggest a best way to do transformation of matrices in openGLES2.0?
  24. one mesh, multiple texture
  25. Cascaded shadow mapping - Texture lookup and depth comparison
  26. Separate Shader Objects
  27. Can GL_SHADER_STORAGE_BUFFER be included in a VAO?
  28. When exactly does glBeginQuery set the counter to zero?
  29. Multisampling vs. double-sized FBO
  30. gl_ClipDistance read in fragment shader
  31. Intel OpenGL 4.0 drivers. The mystery of 0xFFFFFFFF
  32. Draw Coordinate system on a video shown in OpenGL
  33. Implement Unity Transform.LookAt function.
  34. Bicubic cubemap filtering
  35. vsync and wglSwapInterval when monitor is in low power mode then woken up
  36. How to create a camera to a 3D (game)
  37. OSX 4.1 Core Profile Draw Issue
  38. some explanations about textures
  39. What is the most flexible rendering technique in OpenGL up to date
  40. Problem rendering Q3 BSP Maps
  41. Code Organization
  42. Need help with x axis movement without using Model or Proj - using glLookAt
  43. NVIDIA Maxwell texturing performance
  44. Frequent GL_OUT_OF_MEMORY errors
  45. Water reflection.
  46. Dual paraboloid shadow mapping confusion
  47. Occlusion query - use simple shaders and geometry or not?
  48. OpenGL sRGB framebuffer oddity
  49. Storing normalized linear depth?
  50. What actually does GL_RASTERIZER_DISCARD
  51. Screen Space Reflection Problem
  52. Preparing data for instanced rendering
  53. Updating GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER causes performance feedback warnings on Intel MESA
  54. Light visibility in fog
  55. How to vary point sizes in array of points data
  56. GlBufferStorage and Fencing / synchronisation
  57. Weighted vertex normals from STL file
  58. Applying rotation/translation to a hierarchy of joints
  59. PN triangle division
  60. Accurate count of samples passed
  61. Load byte* dataArray to openGL
  62. CUDA and OpenGL, asynchronous buffering
  63. How to draw a line stipple with ES 2.0
  64. Mouse Selection custom shape opengl render select
  65. Ambient Occlusion : Problem of comprehension of screen space??
  66. looking for list that contains gl extensions that are now part of core
  67. Fit orthogonal projection matrix around shadow casters (CSM)
  68. Problem with tangent calculation
  69. Bizarre order dependency with directional and projective lighting
  70. Problem with uniforms
  71. deferred stencil lights and the 3d math jazz
  72. Ways around loading libraries like ASSIMP that doesn't support geometric instancing?
  73. 2 Samplers FS fails: Different sampler types for same sample texture unit in fragment
  74. Shadow mapping behaving oddly after driver update
  75. vertex custom attributes
  76. Masking out pixels from a shadowmap. ( sampling shadowmap texture with z > 1.0 )
  77. OpenGL performance - is this about right?
  78. Uniform buffer clobbered on XRandR mode change
  79. Fast way to clip non lit pixels in a lightvolume
  80. Interpolating With Matrices/Quaternions
  81. DGN (Benltey MicroStation) File Format
  82. Is it possible to use multisampling with ARB_framebuffer_no_attachments?
  83. Coordinate System in Cubemaps
  84. Only first texture rendered to framebuffer is shown.
  85. Transform Feedback and Primitive ReStart
  86. Matrices - Strange results
  87. ARtoolkit and openGL
  88. Cascaded Shadow Mapping in OpenGL
  89. Anntenna Radiation Pattern in openGL
  90. Stereoscopic Rendering with OpenGL --- System Setup
  91. An up-to-date description of FXAA?
  92. Game Engine Editor
  93. 3D Skeletal Animation Help
  94. gl_PrimitiveID
  95. video playback
  96. Problem using FrameBuffer for Picking
  97. Wide Lines without Geometry Shader
  98. Near Clipping Plane Line Intersection Point
  99. Problem with uniform buffer array and older AMD hardware
  100. Vertex Shader help
  101. Multi-pass rendering problem
  102. Fail to Read From FrameBuffer
  103. No luck with 3D sparse textures - am I missing something?
  104. Pan Functionality using OpenGL 2.0
  105. OpenGL Batch Rendering
  106. Unwanted Shimmering Effect with 1D Texture on Lines
  107. GL_KHR_debug callback in linux mesa but not with windows blob driver (AMD 7870)
  108. Compute shader : barrier issue?
  109. Clipping planes appear disabled when rendering shadows on iOS?
  110. Snake 3D - Problems with the redesign of the body
  111. How to draw around other polygons
  112. Drawing textures from an SDL_Surface: BMP image > Surface > Texture > Quad
  113. Rendering Image Texture to the Screen (Program closes unexpectedly after 5 seconds)
  114. Problem with Deferred Rendering and FBO's
  115. How to improve the performance of blend mask
  116. Fastest way to reset an atomic counter?
  117. Inheritance + Pre-Transforming Mesh Vertices
  118. How to render glow/aura effects in 3D?
  119. c# UI c++ core Opengl
  120. Omission of GL_DEPTH_TEXTURE_STENCIL_MODE from sampler object state?
  121. CUDA Interop for depth component
  122. Occlusion query, issue
  123. Projection matrix issue (using a coded 4x4)
  124. GL_MULTISAMPLE performance implications against unsupporting rendering targets.
  125. MakeCurrentContext cost
  126. NV_command_list
  127. Very very odd memory texture memory heap usage on OSX
  128. Post T&L cache with modern GPU features
  129. VAO and VBO permutations
  130. Logarithmic depth: Why w + 1?
  131. How to share a texture between multiple shader programs?
  132. OpenGL 3.x VertexTextureFetch, pixel formats
  133. Implementing OpenGL
  134. Uniform equivalent of instanced arrays in 3.3 core?
  135. ASTC on the desktop?
  136. pack more than 4 components into RGBA 32 texture in vertex shader
  137. Geometry shader can't do basic triangle lists? - only strips?
  138. [ARB_direct_state_access] Problems with VAO - Blank Screen
  139. Point Lights producing hard lines through Specular comp?
  140. Trouble passing Uniform Buffer Objects to shader
  141. GLSL Compute Shader - synchronization
  142. cheep/expensive calls?
  143. Compute shader interoperability with GL pipeline
  144. glMemoryBarrier - When to use?
  145. Best Way to Store Texture or Image Information in a File
  146. imageLoad addressing past 1gb boundary
  147. Multiple glViewPort calls making triangles glitch out!?
  148. OpenGL device partitioning or time sharing for two parallel workoads?
  149. How to setup projectionMatrix/worldMatrix for use with inverted float depth buffer?
  150. How to get contour lines on 3D volume
  151. Explicit multisample and shader management
  152. Change stencil value from a fragment shader
  153. Advanced .OBJ loader/viewer
  154. Problem with Multiple window rendering!
  155. Nvidia Memory Corruption
  156. Last chance for glNext predictions!
  157. 3D Sparse Voxelization with ARB_sparse_texture
  158. TexSubImage into a Sparse Texture on Nvidia.
  159. Stereo technique implemented in the 3D vision laptop (for GeForce card)
  160. hole filling
  161. Correct lines visualization.
  162. Multiple vendor GPU selection in Windows
  163. Depth / Stencil as both a FBO attachment and sampler?
  164. Strange problem after using a third party library
  165. vbo update
  166. Vulkan information clearinghouse
  167. Atomic Buffer : strange values
  168. Camera-space Normals from depth texture
  169. Using near and far clipping to display layers of an object
  170. lua & opengl
  171. Layered Cube Map Rendering (on NVIDIA Graphics Cards)
  172. Upgrading, but losing functionality?
  173. Question using glMultiDrawArraysIndirect and indirect buffer
  174. Skinning on the GPU vs the CPU
  175. Is it always good to use Vec3f / Vec4f class defined by yourself?
  176. Loading UDEC3 and DEC3N datatypes using VertexAttribPointer
  177. What's the meaning of the indirect cmd used in glMultiDrawElementsIndirect
  178. Trying shadow mapping, yet everything is dark
  179. Screen space decal blending
  180. openGL multiple textures in fragment shader
  181. Shadow Mapping Urgent Help?
  182. About shader over gl3, why and where?
  183. Talking about VAO+VBO... (>GL3)
  184. OpenGL 2.1 VertexAttribDivisorARB problem
  185. VertexArray and VertexAttribArray, what's different?
  186. Modern opengl. (Flipping a texture)
  187. doubts about opengl context
  188. [AZDO] Did not understand why "map unsychronized" can be bad
  189. VertexBufferOBJTS Questions
  190. GBuffer (color texture) with NORMAL and SPECULAR: Update only alpha
  191. Particles move toward a weird direction
  192. Synchronization of compute shader and CPU commends
  193. DSA requires binding?!
  194. How to handle the birth and death of particle without reading from the buffer
  195. Constant buffer data only partially available in #version 440
  196. vbo and fbo
  197. Normals, Vertices, Indices, and Shaders
  198. glMultiDrawElementsIndirect() problems
  199. vbo and glBindBuffer crash
  200. OpenGL Moving Character
  201. SSBO specs
  202. Clipping a sphere
  203. How to query sample count of RBO
  204. alpha to coverage
  205. Problems rendering shadows with deferred shading
  206. All or nothing point rendering
  207. Equation of a plane at an altitude h from earth's surface
  208. Ray casting with a fixed camera toward a rotated model
  209. ray casting and calculate depth value
  210. Duplicate a Framebuffer including all attachments + specifics
  211. i have problem with moving spheres at the same time on screen
  212. Adding Depth Data from RGB-D Sensor to the z-buffer of OpenGL for Occlusion in AR
  213. Working with shaders using lookup data
  214. Use the Program or bind the FrameBuffer first?
  215. Line Antializing
  216. panorama/multiview camera setup problem
  217. NSight not showing all the buffers bound!
  218. Is it possible to automatically combine several shaders together?
  219. Need help normal mapping a cube-mapped sphere
  220. Using glReadBuffer with GL_RG32I buffer
  221. Drawing water over terrain
  222. Element batching from vertex position data
  223. GLSL textureLod(): proper values for the lod parameter?
  224. glTexturePageCommittment segfaults with mip level that isn't a multiple of tilesize.
  225. 4 samples instead of 16, Bilinear filter.
  226. why the model is shown incomplete?
  227. OpenGL 1.1 (GDI Generic) on Windows Server 2012
  228. Android 5.1.1 Nexus 5 OpenGL issue?
  229. Deferred shading and VSM
  230. Not Instance rendering, still need VertexAttribDivisors
  231. CPU based DXT compression
  232. Unexpected rasterization behavior
  233. HELP - issue with imagetexture and muttable textures
  234. Shadow Mapping. Strange effect
  235. Why use a Uniform Buffer?
  236. Cubemap face orientation: how to
  237. A glitch?
  238. OpenGL float -> normalized integer truncation (need to add 0.5/255 to outgoing data?)
  239. Writing to GL_SRGB8_ALPHA8 texture in a compute shader?
  240. convert four interconnected bezier curves into bezier surface patch
  241. gl_PrimitiveID always 0 in Fragment shader
  242. Uniform Blocks and Uniform Buffers only?
  243. generate triangle strips from three interconnected cubic bezier curves
  244. GLSL Strides
  245. Only glClear(..) color is displayed, nothing else rendered (CUDA/OpenGL interop)
  246. Single Values in Shaders
  247. Reading Ints, Graphics card crashes
  248. Projecting screen space texture onto UVs with GL 4.5
  249. Passing an array of mat4's per instance
  250. Multiple Uniform Bufffers